The new Richard Eugene Sipe email to us from Brian Sinclair. He is in Boston NOW!

After emailing about everyone in the sex industry about this fraud, Richie found out about the this site.  He wrote an email to us:


He wants to call the cops on me now! That is fantastic! I told him to do it. There is about 10 police reports on him in almost every major city in the world.

Now we know where he is. If anyone is interested,  Richard Eugene Sip, currently going by the name Brian Sinclair, is in Boston with Lauren Blaze. I feel bad for Lauren as she is about to be conned like the rest!


Boston’s Escort Lauren Blaze conning with Richard Eugene Sipe?


Our goal is to help everyone by preventing this scammer to hurt anyone again.  However, as we reached out to some people only one person seemed to respond back with a little curiosity.  Her name is Lauren Blaze.

My Email:

Just want to warn you as he is after escorts in your area.
Lauren’s Response:
Who are you? Where did you get my email?
I would consider a response, at your earliest convenience.
Why would she or he be curious about who I was if I just trying to help her?
This is what we think. We think they are working together. And once he would out we made a website, he wanted to get more details.
So Mr. Richard Eugene Sipe – You can email us anytime or we will just call Lauren’s Ad.

PROOF Richard Sipe posing as Richard Vega and DJ White Out

Richard E. Sipe posed as Richard Vega and DJ Whiteout from 2013. Again he uses video with porn stars to take advantage.

Here is his Richard Vega Youtube channel.

In this video he even calls himself Brian. Again he goes after porn stars because he knows they have money and love to fuck. He also knows that they can be vulnerable and a easy target. Find out more from Madison yourself.



Richard Sipe, Dennis Decker, Mike Baggz, Richard Vega, DJ Have, DJ Frank White, Joel Vega, Brian Sinclair

As mentioned he uses MANY NAMES:

So Far it has been:

  • Dennis Decker
  • Mike Baggz
  • Richard Vega
  • DJ Have
  • DJ Frank White
  • Joel Vega
  • Brian Sinclair

He will use more and more so be VERY CAREFUL.

Here are the stories:

Story 1: Ex-Wife

We met in for a month in late 2015 and got married when he stated when he could not live without me.  He is very smooth. I fell in love with him. At the time his name was DJ WHITEOUT. He is NOT the real DJ WHITE OUT. I found out his real name when we went to the court in Las Vegas to get married when he revealed to me that his name was Richard Sipe. I did not think much of it because he said he was a DJ.  A month later of lies after lies he skipped town. He took everything I got him and money.  He started spreading rumors about me and continues to threaten me. He posted videos of me online without my permission and continues to say he is going to send me the money he stole from me but he never did.

Story 2: Escort

He called my ad and we met. He drugged my food and drinks and for three days I was stuck with him. He stole from my friends and myself. He has never paid me back and I know that he won’t.

Story 3: Escort

He rang me up to meet and we did. He said he would wire me money but he never did. He stole my credit cards and my identity.

Story 4: Stripper & Ex Wife

We were married and he ruined my life. I did not know he was a con man until later in the marriage. My family hates me because of him.

As you can see, he chooses women in the sex trade and takes advantage. Do not fall into the trap. He will continually lie to you and state he has haters. All you have to do is reach out to me and I will tell you everything you want to know.


If you still don't believe me,contact me directly.

I would love to share my story as well as put you in contact of anyone else. This is not a hate page, but a website to keep you safe from him. He has a disease. He will destroy you like he has done in the past. If you feel you are still comfortable, don't give him any money of any kind. He is a con man and professional swindler and will take you for everything!