February 23, 2016 richard

jonathansilver@rocnation.com – FRAUD ALERT! FAKE EMAIL! BEWARE

As mentioned before, Richard Eugene Sipe is posing as Jonathan Silver using the fake email address jonathansilver@rocnation.com.  He is not in the music industry. He wants to be a porn star. He wants to be a pimp. He steals identities saying that he is in the music industry. He even has a Facebook Account on this name.


If you still don't believe me,contact me directly.

I would love to share my story as well as put you in contact of anyone else. This is not a hate page, but a website to keep you safe from him. He has a disease. He will destroy you like he has done in the past. If you feel you are still comfortable, don't give him any money of any kind. He is a con man and professional swindler and will take you for everything!