February 23, 2016 richard


His real name is Richard Eugene Sipe. However, he uses multiple names. If you don’t know he uses Dennis Decker, Rook, DJ WhiteOwl, Mike Baggz, Richard Vega, DJ Haze, DJ Frank White, Joel Vega, Brian Sinclair, Jonathan Silver and more!

He uses this number 3479275096 to pose as Savanna Ginger – CLICK HERE TO SEE
Or he uses this number 3479275096 to post as a GAY MALE ESCORT CLICK HERE TO SEE

Please keep in mind his goals are to have clients vemno or wire him money and doing a no show.


If you still don't believe me,contact me directly.

I would love to share my story as well as put you in contact of anyone else. This is not a hate page, but a website to keep you safe from him. He has a disease. He will destroy you like he has done in the past. If you feel you are still comfortable, don't give him any money of any kind. He is a con man and professional swindler and will take you for everything!